Emergency 911 calls in Microsoft Teams

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This article describes Microsoft Team’s support for providing 911 emergency calling location information in the United States. With this support, Teams users can provide the most precise dispatchable location information possible when making emergency calls. However, it is recommended that you use a mobile phone or available landline for making 911 calls. 

The location information transmitted to responders depends on your operating system and network connection. In some instances, users may need to manually enter, or modify, their location information. 

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How your location is determined 

If you are on campus, your location information will be updated automatically, and reported to emergency responders based on your network’s connection point.  However, location information may be less accurate or precise when connected to the wireless network compared to a wired connection. When on campus your location information cannot be manually updated.

If you are off campus, Microsoft Teams will use your device's location if you have location services enabled. By default, your location services are enabled on Windows computers. However, if you are using macOS, your location services are turned off by default. You must enable location services to transmit location information to emergency responders. 

If you are off campus and your location information in Teams is incorrect, you can manually update it. It is important to verify your location information. If you have location services turned off, or do not manually enter your location, emergency responders will not receive any location information. 

If you are remotely connected to a computer on campus (i.e., VDI), you cannot update its automatically assigned campus location. Therefore, if you need to call 911 while using Microsoft Teams via Remote Desktop, you should use a different phone number. 

Set your location in Windows 

  1. In the main Teams window, choose the Calls icon in the left navigation window. 

  1. If you see "Location not detected", In the lower left of the Calls screen, select the drop-down, and choose Add to update your location. 

  1. If you see an address in the lower left of the Calls screen, but it is incorrect, select the drop-down and enter your correct location. 

Set your location in macOS.

Enable location services in macOS.  

  • If your Mac is running macOS Ventura or newer.
    1. Select the Apple icon in the menu bar. 

    2. Choose “System Settings”.

    3. Select “Privacy & Security”.  

    4. Choose “Location Services”. 

    5. On the right side of the panel, make sure that the “Location Services” toggle is on.

    6. Scroll through the list and switch the toggle for "Microsoft Teams" on.
      Note: Administrative access may be required to make these changes.  

  • If your Mac is running macOS Monterey or older.
    1. Select the Apple icon in the menu bar. 

    2. Choose "System Preferences".

    3. Select the "Security & Privacy" icon.

    4. Select the "Privacy" tab and choose "Location Services"

    5. Select the Lock icon to unlock the settings.
      Note: Administrative access may be required to make these changes.  

    6. On the right side of the panel, make sure that “Location Services” is checked. 

    7. Scroll through the list and check the box for “Microsoft Teams”. 

    8. Select the Lock icon again to lock the settings.

Verify your settings are working

  1. Close and reopen Microsoft Teams.  

  1. Select “Calls” from the left side navigation.  

  1. On the Teams dial pad, you can add, confirm, edit, or reset your emergency location.  

  1. In the upper right corner of the application window, select the ellipses (...) to the left of your name.  

  1. Choose the Settings icon.  

  1. On the left, choose “Calls”.  

  1. Scroll down to the “Emergency Location" section. It should display your current location.  

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