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Learn how to troubleshoot common issues and when to contact the IT Service Desk when using the RedSky MyE911 app.
Learn how to update your location in the RedSky MyE911 app.
Learn how to log in to the RedSky MyE911 app on your device.
Ohio University provides land line telephone service in faculty and staff offices, conference rooms, and other public areas on all campuses. If you will be working from home, you can access your phone and voicemail remotely, including call forwarding. This article will cover all situations and help connect you with the right resources for your telephone needs.
View all help resources for Incoming Call Management: Cisco Finesse.
Learn how to sign out of Cisco Finesse when you complete your workday.
Learn how to set your availability in Cisco Finesse.
Learn how to answer calls using Cisco Finesse.
Learn how to log in to Cisco Finesse on your phone or web browser.
Users can find information on how to make specific call types from their campus phone.
This article will give you information on how to access your Voicemail and phone remotely.
This article has directions to setup and manage voicemail with the Unity Connection phone interface and view the main menu of commands. There is some additional information to use Cisco Unity Connection for the web as well.