Finding your MAC Address: Wi-Fi printers

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Every Wi-Fi capable device includes a unique network identifier called a MAC Address. You will need this address to connect your device to the University Wi-Fi. We have included typical steps below for finding the MAC Address of many common devices. If your device is not listed, check your manufacturer's website.


Wi-fi Printers


You only need to register your printer if you want to use it via Wi-Fi. If it is connected to your computer via USB cable, you don't need to register it. To find your printer's MAC address, one of the following steps normally will work: 

  1. Check your printer’s manual. 

  1. Print a configuration page (test page) from your printer. 

  1. Refer to the label on the back of the printer. 

  1. Refer to your printer manufacturer's web page. 

Outcome: You should now be able to find your Wi-Fi printer's MAC Address.

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