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Eduroam: Computers, phones, and tablets

Eduroam is OHIO's preferred Wi-Fi for students, faculty, staff, emeriti, and sponsored guests. It's fast, secure, and includes free Wi-Fi at hundreds of universities. A device registration tool is available for devices that do not support eduroam. 

Login to Wi-Fi on your iPhone/Apple device: 

  1. Go to your device's Wi-Fi settings and choose eduroam.

  2. Log in with your full email address and OHIO password.

  3. If prompted to continue connecting, choose Connect.

  • If your Mac randomly drops its wireless connection, first make sure you are using eduroam. If installing eduroam and forgetting the OHIO University network does not fix the issue, follow these steps to update your Mac's trust settings

Login to Wi-Fi on your Chrome device:

  1. Go to your device's Wi-Fi settings and choose eduroam.

  2. Log in with your full email address and OHIO password.

  3. If prompted to continue connecting, choose Connect.

Login to Wi-Fi on your Android: 

Android users may have additional criteria when logging into Eduroam. Please use the information below to assist you with this process: 

  • EAP Method: PEAP

  • Phase 2 Authentication: None or MSCHAPV2

  • CA Certificate: (unspecified) However, some devices might say "Do not validate." Both options are correct. 

  • Domain: Leave blank

  • Anonymous ID: Leave blank 

Connecting to eduroam at other institutions

If you will be traveling to other participating eduroam schools and institutions, you can install the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool to make it easier to connect to those schools' Wi-Fi. 

  • Android users should install the eduroamCAT app from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore before trying to install the Ohio University CAT tool.

Guest Wi-Fi: Connection instructions for the general public

Note: OHIO students, faculty, staff, and emeriti are all recommended to use the eduroam Wi-Fi network. You will experience a faster, better, more secure connection that is less likely to drop.

No login is required. 

  1. Go to your wireless settings and connect to the OHIO University Guest network.

  2. In the Guests section, accept the terms and conditions.

Device registration

Device registration is for devices that cannot use eduroam 802.1x or a captive portal on the guest Wi-Fi network. 

Personal routers are not allowed on our network. Follow the steps below to connect a device that does not work with eduroam (TV, game console, smart speaker, streaming device, wireless printer, etc.):

  1. You will need to know your device's WiFi MAC/WLAN MAC address.

  2. Using a computer, phone, tablet, or other browser-equipped device that is already connected to our eduroam Wi-Fi, log into

  3. Follow the prompts to register your device(s). You can register as many devices as you like.

  4. Once you have registered a device, connect it to the Ohio University Guest Wi-Fi.

Printable Device Registration instructions (PDF) 

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