Changing your OHIO account password


Changing your OHIO account password, when you know your current password. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to reset your password.


OHIO University Account, all devices using your OHIO account


  1. Gather all of your devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), and make sure you know how to update the email and Wi-Fi password on each one.

  2. Power off any devices that won't be accessible when you start changing your password, and leave them off until you can update their passwords.

  3. Choose one device to start with - a desktop or laptop is usually the easiest. If you are enrolled in multi-factor authentication, make sure you have your verification device handy.

  4. Change your password at

  5. Update the saved OHIO passwords on your device (e.g., for your email and campus Wi-Fi).

  6. Move on to your next device and update the saved passwords on it.

  7. Continue updates on each device until the new password is updated on all of them.


  • If you forget to update the stored password on a particular device, that device could temporarily lose access to the OHIO network and related services.

  • If are unable to access your account after changing your password, turn off all devices that have your password stored, wait 15-20 minutes, then try again.

  • Because it can be difficult to predict how individual mobile devices will react to a password change, you may wish to make your change during regular Service Desk hours, in case you need assistance. Although lockouts are rare, it is a good idea to allow a time cushion between any password change and your next class or appointment.

Outcome: You should now have changed your password and updated all devices.

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