Syncing Catmail across devices


Learn how to sync your Catmail across all your devices.


Android, iOS, PC, Mac, web browser

Syncing with other Microsoft services

  1. If you use your OHIO email account to sign up for a Microsoft consumer service like Xbox Live, please keep in mind that your password for services like Xbox Live will not be synchronized with your OHIO password. 

  2. Also, if your OHIO account is ever disabled, you may lose the ability to reset the password on any personal Microsoft accounts tied to that email. 

Outcome: Better understand using your OHIO email address with other Microsoft Services.

 Mac Mail & iCal sync

If you are having issues syncing your OHIO email account with Mac mail and iCal, try to do the following to fix the sync issue.

  1. Open Mail, go to the Mail menu and choose Preferences

  1. Go to the Accounts tab, select your OHIO Exchange account's entry in the left side navigation pane, and click the minus sign (-)


  1. If you were syncing more than just mail, you may receive a notice telling you to use Internet Accounts.  Click Internet Accounts to continue, otherwise skip to step 5. 


  1. Once the Internet Accounts window opens, choose your Exchange account and click the minus sign (-) to remove it. 


  1. Once Mail finishes removing your old account settings, return to the left side navigation pane and click the plus sign (+) to add a new account. 

  1. Choose Exchange as the account type and click Continue


  1. Enter your account details: 

  • In the Name field, enter your name as you want it to appear in the From field of your outgoing messages. 

  • In the Email Address field, enter your OHIO e-mail address ( 

  • In the Password field, enter your OHIO password. 

  • Click Continue


  1. If prompted, choose which features you wish to sync with your OHIO account: 


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