Catmail offers Microsoft 365-based email accounts for OHIO students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

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Pinned Article Help & Resources: Catmail and Microsoft Outlook Email

An overview of help and resource topics for Email: Catmail, Microsoft Outlook.

Getting started with Email: Catmail and Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to get started with your email account in Catmail or Microsoft Outlook.

Accessibility Resource Guide: Mass Email

Learn how to create accessible emails.

Changing your name in Catmail

Learn how to change your name in Catmail.

Creating and managing signatures in Outlook

Learn how to create, modify, or edit your signature in Outlook.

Forwarding all OHIO emails to another account

How to forward email messages from an OHIO account to a non-OHIO account. Ohio University strongly discourages forwarding your mail to a non-University account.

Forwarding an email message as an attachment

If you need to report a phishing scam or other problem message to the IT security office (, forwarding that message as an attachment is the best way to do so.

Managing storage and deleting and restoring items in your email

Learn how to best manage your email storage and how to delete and recover deleted items in your email.

Migrating to modern authentication

Microsoft is phasing out Basic Authentication because Basic Authentication does not support multi-factor authentication, which is the best practice for information security. To reduce the impact of this change, OIT is proactively migrating potentially affected users to Outlook, the recommended and supported email application.

Sending automatic replies

You can set up automatic replies for your OHIO email to automatically respond to people who send you an e-mail. This setting can be for an undefined or defined time frame, like during a vacation. You can also determine whether all or only some recipients receive your automatic reply.

Setting up your Catmail account in an email client

Learn how to set up your OHIO email account in an email client.

Syncing Catmail across devices

Learn how to sync other devices with your Catmail account.