Getting Started with OneDrive

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Storing files

You can upload files to OneDrive from the browser interface (

Managing files

You can manage files and folders from the browser interface (

Your files and folders will appear in one of three places in OneDrive 

  • Files - Anything you created or uploaded to your individual OneDrive space 

  • Shared - Files shared with you by other OneDrive users 

  • Groups (Shared Libraries) - Files owned and accessible by a Microsoft Group 

Creating new files

  • Create a new document directly in OneDrive. 

  • Upload files to OneDrive 

  • With some applications and operating systems, you can save from an application directly to OneDrive. 

Sharing files

  • You can share a document directly from a Microsoft application or from the OneDrive web interface. 

  • When you share a document, you can share with an individual, a group, or anyone that receives the shared link. You can also decide if the people you share with have the ability to edit, or just view, the document. 

  • Employees who need space to share files or collaborate with multiple OHIO individuals can request a Microsoft Group. Each Group OneDrive comes with up to 25 terabytes of cloud storage. 

    • Note: OneDrive is approved to use for storing sensitive data, but this data must be stored in a Group OneDrive, not your individual OneDrive.

  • To share files with individuals outside of Ohio University, log into then start at step 2 of Microsoft's sharing instructions

  • You can prevent recipients from editing files (read-only). Learn more about sharing files in OneDrive.

  • Starting May 11, 2023, links generated using the "shared with anyone" option will only be valid for 90 days instead of indefinitely. To continue sharing your files, you will need to generate an updated version of the link after 90 days. Your files will not be removed, only the link will expire.

Storing local, synchronized files

Setting up your mobile app

  • To access files on a mobile device, you can download and set up your mobile apps

  • Learn how to Work on the go by opening and sharing files from your mobile device.

  • Remember to use your email address when logging into the OneDrive app.

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