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First steps to set up and start using Microsoft OneDrive
Team owners in Microsoft Teams will want to archive or delete unused teams to reduce clutter. Deleting a team will permanently remove the team from Teams. Archiving a team will allow you to search the team content and will give you the option to restore the team at a later date. This article references help on archiving, restoring, and deleting teams in Microsoft Teams
Learn how to troubleshoot common issues and when to contact the IT Service Desk when using the RedSky MyE911 app.
Learn how to install the RedSky MyE911 app to your device so you can access it for the first time.
Learn how to update your location in the RedSky MyE911 app.
Download and install Office 365 on your Mac OS or Windows device
Learn how to use the co-organizer role for Teams meetings and understand when this feature might be useful for you.
View all help and resources for Softphone: Calls in Microsoft Teams.
How to create and join a Microsoft Teams meeting, live event, or webinar.
Help and resources page for Microsoft Teams. Contains links to other help articles.
Help and resource support for Secure File Sharing.
Learn how to log in to the RedSky MyE911 app on your device.
All help resources for Network File Storage.
Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows mapped drives using the campus VPN and network file storage.
How to access missing files/folders from the NAS when using the campus VPN.