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Getting Started for Instructors

  • Adding VoiceThread to Your Course - The first step to using VoiceThread in your course is to add a link to a module, content area, or page. For the best student experience, use the "Bb Learn: If your institution uses Deep Linking" steps to add VoiceThread to your course.

How To


  • Setting Up a Non-Graded VoiceThread Activity - There are three types of VoiceThread activity that do not tie into the course gradebook, and those are the ones detailed on this page. Examples are: 

  • Setting Up a Create-a-VoiceThread Assignment - Require students to create a full VoiceThread. They will upload the slides and record comments, then submit that to you for a grade. You can even allow students to see their classmates’ submissions later so they can engage in peer review and conversation. This is great for: 

    • Student presentations 

    • Demonstration of a skill (bedside manner, playing an instrument, painting/drawing technique, pitching a business) 

    • Submitting a paper, wireframe, website, etc. to receive feedback 
  • Setting Up a Commenting Assignment - Require students to post comments on a VoiceThread that you have created. You can decide whether or not students can see one another’s comments. This is great for: 

    • Graded discussions 

    • Quizzes 

    • Speaking practice (public speaking, language practice, poetry out loud) 

  • Setting Up a Watch Assignment - Require students to watch a VoiceThread in full. This is great for: 

    • Non-interactive lecture delivery 

    • Compliance and training 

  • Grading Student Work: Instructors can access the VoiceThread Grader by clicking the VT assignment link. Instructors can grade assignments that have been submitted, assignments that are in progress, and assignments that have not been attempted. 

  • Advanced: VoiceThread Automatic Captioning has been turned on for any new recordings created after March 19, 2020. Keep in mind that these captions should be reviewed for accuracy. 

  • Advanced: You can add captions to an old VoiceThread by first creating a copy of that VoiceThread. Note: You will need to update any links to this old VoiceThread.



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