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This article provides installation instructions, support instructions, and updates on tools that have integrations with Canvas (publisher content and third-party integrations).
Instructors can weight final grades in Canvas based on assignment groups. Within each assignment group, a percentage is calculated by dividing the total points a student has earned by the total points possible for all assignments in that group.
Instructors can use Assignment Groups to organize the assignments in their course. When Assignment Groups are set up, you can weight the final course grade by assignment groups and filter by assignment groups in the Gradebook.
Manually created courses are spaces where instructors can build content intended to be replicated across multiple courses in the future, explore Canvas features and test course content, or create Blackboard-like organizations.
Canvas allows instructors to display their course content "inline", which enables students to view, minimize, or download content without leaving the Canvas page or being pushed to download external files. Documents, images, and media files can all be added inline to Canvas courses.
Students are able to self-enroll in the Passport to Canvas (Canvas Student Orientation) course. This training is self-guided and allows you to stop when you need a break and pick back up where you left off.
This articles list provides answers frequently asked Canvas student questions related to assignments, announcements, calendars, to-do lists, discussions and more.
In Canvas, you can easily view your grades for your courses currently in progress or your concluded courses. You can also approximate your future grades.
The Syllabus in Canvas helps your instructor communicate course expectations and information.
You can send messages to instructors quickly in Canvas without opening the inbox and searching for your course.
Students can download course content so they can view it offline or without internet access.
Students can adjust their notification preferences within Canvas. They can determine if and when they receive email notifications and/or push notifications.
Students can submit Panopto video assignments within Canvas.
Students and instructors can organize their Canvas course Dashboard and change display settings on individual course cards.
This article shows students how to contact Canvas support and access both Canvas and Ohio University Canvas help resources.