Restoring Deleted Files in Microsoft SharePoint or Teams


How to Restore OneDrive SharePoint and MS Teams documents

Deleted OneDrive SharePoint and MS Teams documents are held in SharePoint for a period of time before permanent deletion from the Recycle Bin.

If you accidentally delete folders or documents from an O365 SharePoint or MS Teams account, follow the steps below to Restore the deleted items.

  1. Log in to Office 365 (, or
  2. Choose the OneDrive icon from the Apps menu.
  3. Choose the Recycle Bin to recover files from your own OneDrive account. 
  4. If restoring files from a SharePoint Group, choose that group from the list of groups in the left column and choose “Go to Site” in the upper right corner.
  5. Within the Recycle Bin, checkmark the file or folder to Restore, then choose the Restore function from the menu.

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