Opting out of Inclusive Access in Canvas


You can opt-out of Inclusive Access for a course. These steps assume that your instructor has made your course visible in Canvas and has created a VitalSource Course Dashboard link in the course.




Note: Students will need to opt of each course that is participating in Inclusive Access. Click here for information on Opting out of Inclusive Access in Blackboard.

  1. To access the VitalSource Course Dashboard, select the link in your course under Modules.  Your instructor can confirm where this link is located.

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  2. On the next page, click the Load VitalSource Course Dashboard in a new window button. A new tab will open.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. The VitalSource Course Dashboard will be your initial access point to your course materials that are being delivered through VitalSource, and it will allow you to adjust your participation status.

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  4. By default, you are opted in to participate.  To change your status (opting out of the resource), select the Want to opt-out? box.

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  5. Tell us why you want to opt out, and then select Opt Out

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  6. You will continue to have access to your course materials throughout your opt-out period until the deadline.

    • Note: You can change your mind as many times as you like during the add/drop window. 

Opting back in to Inclusive Access

  1. Follow steps one(1) and two(2) above.

  2. To opt back in, select Opt In.

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Outcome: You should now be able to opt-out, or back in, to Inclusive Access.

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