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Getting started

OnBase is an extensible, customizable electronic document management and workflow system for capturing paper and electronic documents. 

Getting started: Upon receiving email notification that your OnBase user account has been activated, you can access OnBase via two available clients.

How to access

  • The HTML Web Client can be accessed via and is supported on the following browsers: 

  • Google Chrome 80 or greater 

  • Microsoft EdgeHTML 16 or greater 

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) running in IE 11 document mode 

  • Mozilla Firefox 68 or greater 

  • Mozilla Firefox 68 Extended Support Release (ESR) or greater 

  • Safari 13.0 or greater, with the exceptions of full-screen mode and Safari Reader 

  • The Unity Client combines the flexibility of a web client with the features and functionality of a thick client. To install: 

  1. Connect to on-campus Wi-Fi, or if you are off-campus, connect to the VPN 

  • When working remotely, connecting to the Unity Client will always require a VPN connection 

  1. Open Microsoft Edge. (This client can only be installed using Microsoft Edge.) 

  1. Install the Unity Client  

  • Please note: The Unity Client was upgraded in February 2022. To access the new Unity Client, please see our step-by-step instructions.

Fundamental OnBase tasks

Retrieve a document in the Unity Client 

  1. Navigate to the Home ribbon and select the Retrieval button 

  2. Select a Document Type Group in the Document Type Group lookup list 

  3. Populate necessary keyword values 

  4. Select the Find button 

  5. The document retrieval list will appear in the right side reading pane 

Retrieve a document in the web client 

  1. Select the "hamburger" icon in the upper left corner of the screen 

  2. Select Document Retrieval 

  3. Select a document type in the list provided OR use the filter to find and select the document type(s) you would like to retrieve 

  4. Populate necessary keyword values 

  5. Select the Search button 

  6. The document retrieval list will appear in the right side reading pane 

Install the Hyland Software Virtual Print Driver (VPD) 

VPD appears as a standard printer in Windows applications and enables users to electronically print documents directly into OnBase. Printing directly into OnBase saves the cost of printing and then scanning documents. This functionality requires the OnBase Unity Client to be installed on the local workstation. 

  1. Follow the directions on Installing software on Windows computers 

  2. Search for "OnBase" 

  3. Select OnBase Virtual Print Driver 

  4. Select Install 

Close the Hyland Unity Client completely 

  • Closing the client may be useful when errors occur or on days following upgrades. When you select the Exit or Close button on the application, it only closes the window, and the application remains running in the Windows System Tray. 

  1. Access the System Tray in the lower right corner of your Windows screen by selecting the up arrow to show hidden icons

  2. You will see the Hyland Unity Client icon in the expanded System Tray. Right-click the icon and select Exit OnBase

Make changes to your existing solution

If you have questions about OnBase or need to make changes to your solution, contact the IT Service Desk. We can help with things like: 

  • Adding or changing document types 

  • Modifying a user group's permissions 


  • If OnBase gives you a message indicating user credentials are incorrect or your user account is locked: 

  • Ensure that other instances of OnBase, both in the web client and the thick client, are not currently open or running 

  • If you are accessing OnBase from off-campus, ensure you are connected to the VPN 

  • Ensure you are able to login to other University-supported systems (e.g. Catmail

  • Ensure you are using the correct username and password 

  • After verifying the above steps, try restarting your machine 

  • If you are experiencing issues installing the Hyland Unity Client, please ensure: 

  • You are using Microsoft Edge to access the installation link 

  • You are connected to the VPN if trying to install remotely 

  • You have uninstalled the old Unity Client (pre-February 2022). See step-by-step instructions for further details. 

  • If you are not able to print documents from OnBase to a local or shared printer

    • Please ensure that you are able to print to the local or shared printer from another application such as Microsoft Word or Notepad. 

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