OHIO Guest Accounts


Guest accounts can be sponsored by a faculty or staff member of OHIO, including for employees who are not paid through the University’s Payroll department, to gain access to privileges such as network access, library access, email, Blackboard, and other academic or administrative services as deemed appropriate.


  • Complete the Request an OHIO guest account form.

    • Note: Due to the cost associated with the level of Microsoft license for the premium guest accounts (A5), premium guest accounts will only be granted to those individuals that need this type of account to perform their job duties. Most guest account needs can be fulfilled using the standard guest account.

  • In order to create an OHIO guest account, the sponsoring OHIO faculty or staff member will need to acknowledge and agree to the Sponsor and Guest Responsibilities, as part of the Request an OHIO guest account form.

  • If you would like to request multiple guest accounts at the same time, please download and complete the Bulk Guest Account Excel sheet and email it to the OIT Service Desk with the subject line reading "Bulk OHIO Guest Account Request".

Who can access

  • Sponsoring OHIO faculty and staff for campus guests


  • Guest access:
    • Basic Account:
      • Includes OHIO ID and ID card to access campus facilities and certain applications
    • Standard Account:
      • Includes access to email, Blackboard, and web-based Microsoft 365 applications. This is the most common type of guest account and is used by visiting scholars, faculty handbook adjuncts, etc.  
    • Premium Account:
      • Includes access to Microsoft 365 desktop apps in addition to what’s included in standard guest account. This license incurs additional fees for the University and can only be granted to individuals who need this license to fulfill job duties.
    • Student Guest Account:
      • Exclusively used for guest who are students; includes access to Microsoft 365 desktop apps in addition to what’s included in standard guest account.
  • To view a comprehensive list of what’s included in each type of account, view the Knowledge Base article, Requesting an OHIO Guest Account

Additional resources

Service support

Get help

  • Visit the Technology Help Center (help.ohio.edu) to get live support, view outages, and browse trainings.


Ohio University strives to make its digital resources and services accessible to all visitors, including those with disabilities who may also be using assistive technology. If special steps are necessary in order to improve the accessibility of experiences for end-users, those steps must be taken. 
If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access OHIO websites, videos, online forums, documents, or other information technology, please let us know
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The Ohio University Information Security Office strives to educate and empower the University community to appropriately manage risks and protect OHIO’s information and systems. This effort is facilitated through policies, standards, and information security risk management program, as well as other tools and guidance that are provided to the University community. This modern approach creates a safe computing environment in which the University community can teach, learn, and conduct research. 

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Request an OHIO guest account

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