Requesting an OHIO guest account


An OHIO guest account can be requested by anyone, including employees who are not paid through the University's Payroll department, to gain privileges such as network access, library access, email, Blackboard, CommonSpot, WebCMS, and other academic or administrative services as deemed appropriate. This type of request can exist for up to one year with the option to regularly renew. Renewal notices are sent automatically to the sponsor two (2) weeks before the account expiration date.


Android, iOS, PC, Mac, web browser, app on campus, off-campus 


1. The sponsoring OHIO faculty or staff member needs to email the following information to

  • Guest name

  • Guest birth date

  • Does the guest need an email account?

  • Does the guest need access to library resources? If yes, please include:

    • Guest's passport or driver's license number

    • Issuing country and state for the passport or driver's license

    • Guest's local address

Outcome: You should now be able to submit a request for an OHIO guest account.

Note: Guest accounts do not have access to the campus virtual private network (VPN) unless specifically requested. 

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