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Vector Solutions LMS & Training Management (Vector) is an online service from Vector Solutions that offers a variety of compliance and work-related training for students, faculty, and staff. Vector Solutions originally came to campus as EverFi, providing substance abuse training known as “Alcohol.Edu”, and has been adopted widely across campus as the source of compliance training for a wide-range of Ohio University needs.


  • To access current trainings in Vector, use the appropriate link:

  • Any individual can access the site at any time and explore available training. If an individual has been assigned training, it will show on the initial landing page with its completion status.

  • There is no cost associated with accessing and completing training in Vector.

  • Vector is being implemented as an enterprise-wide solution, so requests for access will be managed to ensure university priorities are first met before units. Additionally, some trainings may not be available to offices because of university priorities.

  • To request access to the Vector platform to utilize a training or training plan for your academic or administrative unit, Create a ticket.

Who Can Access

  • Faculty and staff with budget authority and/or their delegate may request access to Vector for the available training content. 

  • Please note that all students, faculty, staff, and other members of the community may access current Vector content depending on assigned training.

How to Request Access

  • For more information and to request a consultation for Vector Solutions, Create a ticket.

    • OIT will evaluate your request to determine if you will:

      • Need access to an existing training, or

      • Need a new training built to meet your needs.


Vector Catalogs:

  • Vector has two available catalogs of trainings for:

  • The Vector catalog includes (but is not limited to) training for:

    • Alcohol.Edu

    • Sexual Assault Prevention

    • Mental Health topics

    • Diversity and Inclusion

    • Emergency Management

    • Employment Practices

    • HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Environmental Safety

    • Information Security

    • Nutrition Safety

    • Lab Safety

Vector Capabilities:

  • Vector can:

    • Assign and track training plans for students and employees

    • Utilize data views developed based on known University data points

      • For example, students are assigned a Class Level “classification” and Campus “location” that can be used to assign compliance training.

    • Utilize "ad hoc" lists to assign training when the population needing to be assigned to a training module is relatively small or cannot be efficiently derived from university data points

    • Allow Vector administrators to manually assign training to individuals or groups

    • Allow users to self-enroll in available training

    • Allow offices to track offline learning

    • Host custom training material

    • Provide robust reporting for compliance and tracking course completion

Vector Use Case

Vector is best suited for providing large groups with mandated and required training. Vector is not suited as an alternative to OHIO's LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.) or for academic class content.

Vector Content Customization:

Vector allows customization of pre-built trainings and provides fully custom trainings. As a University-wide platform, customizations will be managed and approved centrally to ensure needs are met across the University. One of the benefits of the Vector platform is that Vector maintains the training content. However, any customizations made will need to be regularly reviewed to ensure the customized content is up to date.

  • For ALL Training, Vector Allows Customized:

    • Training Description (on landing page)

    • Training Resources (on landing page)

    • Training Introduction (in course)

    • Training Conclusion (in course)

    • Training Coordinator (a single point of contact for any questions related to that training)

  • For SOME Training, Vector Allows Customization Inside the Training:

    • Inside a limited number of pre-defined trainings, some additional pages can be added to provide additional information specific to the University.

    • Mainly policy-driven courses to allow references to local policies and additional resources

  • Custom Trainings Allow Administrators to:

    • Wrap an existing Vector course with additional materials.

    • Create content using traditional web-based tools and a generic course template.

    • Upload Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) packages to be hosted on the Vector site.

    • Create “offline” courses to track training offered outside of the Vector system.

Note: As course customizations are applied there is an expectation of regular review to ensure content is up to date and links work as expected.

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