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Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered tool that helps users with a variety of tasks. It's designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to interact with it using natural language commands. Copilot can assist with content generation and writing improvement, among other things, making it a valuable tool for enhancing productivity and creativity.


To access the web version of Copilot, visit

IMPORTANT:  OHIO users should log in using their OHIO credentials when using the web version of Copilot. This enables commercial data protection which is essential for safeguarding sensitive information in organizational settings. When commercial data protection is enabled, Copilot does not retain any data entered by the user after the chat session is over, nor does it use the organizational data to train the underlying AI model. 

Who can access

  • The free, web version of Microsoft Copilot is available to the public.
  • OHIO users are able to login to Copilot using their OHIO logins, allowing access to past interactions with Copilot for future reference.
    • Currently, OHIO users are not able to use Copilot to access data stored in their Microsoft 365 environment. Copilot instead bases its responses on publicly available web content and the content that you paste or upload into the web app.


  • Content Generation: Copilot can help you unleash your creativity and generate content, ideas, and insights with just a few words or clicks. It can help you write documents, create presentations, design graphics, compose emails, and more.

  • Time-saving: Copilot can help you save time and effort by doing the busy work for you, such as searching the web to find relevant information, checking for grammar and spelling errors, and suggesting corrections and improvements.

  • Writing Improvement: Copilot provides feedback on writing style, tone, conciseness, and effectiveness, and can translate writing into different languages directly within the web app.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Copilot is designed to simplify tasks and provide insights. It can offer timely suggestions, helping users work more efficiently.

Additional resources

Get help

  • Visit the Technology Help Center ( to get live support, view outages, and browse trainings.


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Copilot retains user inputs to continue training the large language model. Therefore, users should not put any sensitive data into Copilot. Please review the Office of Information Technology’s AI-specific security standard, Secure Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools, for more detailed information on secure use of AI tools like Copilot.

The Ohio University Information Security Office strives to educate and empower the University community to appropriately manage risks and protect OHIO’s information and systems. This effort is facilitated through policies, standards, and information security risk management program, as well as other tools and guidance that are provided to the University community. This modern approach creates a safe computing environment in which the University community can teach, learn, and conduct research. 

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