Answering calls in Cisco Finesse

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Cisco Finesse allows you to answer calls, place calls on hold, and end calls using the web browser interface.


PC, Mac, web browser


  1. When a call comes in, you will be marked Reserved. Screenshot of Cisco Finesse interface

  2. Click Answer on the right side of the page to answer the call.

  3. Once a call has been answered you will see the following options:

    • Keypad - Not supported (use Consult below to access a keypad)

    • Hold - May be used to place the caller on hold

    • Consult - Allows you to access a keypad to place calls, transfer calls, and include other callers. After pressing Consult you can use the Transfer button to transfer the call to another user and the Conference button to add another caller to the conversation.

    • End - Terminate the call.

Screenshot of Cisco Finesse call options


Outcome: You should now be able to answer calls, place calls on hold, and end calls.

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