Embedding Panopto Videos in a Canvas Course


Panopto videos can be embedded anywhere in the Canvas LMS and played back on-demand on any device. Students can easily access the search feature, the table of contents, notes, or discussion. Students also have the option to open embedded videos in the full interactive viewer.

Note: To embed Panopto videos or view video folders, you will need Creator privileges for the video or folder (regardless of if the video or folder has been shared with you.)


Canvas LMS, Mac, PC, web browser


  1. Login to Canvas at canvas.ohio.edu
  2. Navigate to the course where you would like to embed the video
  3. Navigate to the area in Canvas where you would like to embed a video
  4. In the desired content area, create a new item (module, page, announcement, etc)
  5. In the text editor, select the plug icon 
  6. Select View All
  7. Select Panopto Video
  8. Your Panopto account will appear
  9. Select the appropriate option
  • Choose a video stored in Panopto

Note: If you have not previously made your Blackboard Panopto available in Canvas you will need to complete the steps in Sharing Panopto Content between Blackboard and Canvas before choosing a video.

  • Upload a video from your device
    1. Select Upload
    2. Select the video to embed 
    3. Under Video Embed Options, choose your embedded player preferences
    • Panopto will use this file name as the session name, but you can rename this under Topic Title while the content is uploading.
    1.  Select Insert
    2. Select Publish
  • Record a new video
  1. Select Record 
  2. Under Name your recording, add a title for your video
  3. Select Launch Capture or Launch App based on your preference
  4. Update you recording preferences for Audio, Video, and Screens and Apps 
  5. After recording your video, return to the Canvas tab in your brower
  6. Under Video Embed Options, choose your embedded player preferences
  7. Select Insert.

Outcome: Your Panopto vidoe will now be uploaded to Canvas.

Get Help from Canvas

  • Live chat with Canvas support (Faculty) 
  • Get 24-hours/7-days a week Canvas support  
    • Dial the Canvas Support Hotline number located under "Get Help" in the Canvas Global Navigation Menu 
    • Contact OIT at 740-593-1222 for questions related to logging in, test courses/manually created courses, or third-party tools (Panopto, VoiceThread, Inclusive Access, etc.) 

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