Connecting your Canvas course to Panopto


To access Panopto videos in Canvas, you will need to connect your Canvas course to Panopto. Configuring the Panopto integration creates a course folder in Panopto and provides your account with Creator access to the folder.  

Note: You will follow these instructions for each Canvas course using Panopto.  


Mac, PC, web browser


Configuring Panopto in a Canvas Course 

  1. Login to Canvas at 
  2. Navigate to the course that you would like to connect 
  3. In the left, white, Course Navigation Menu select Panopto Video 

 Note: If the Panopto Video tool is not visible in the Course Navigation menu:  

  1. In the Course Navigation menu, select Settings  
  2. Select the Navigation tab  
  3. Under Drag items here to hide them from students, drag Panopto Video up to the Drag and drop items to reorder them…section 
  4. Select Save 

Using the Panopto Video Tool in Canvas 

  1. Navigate to the course where you would like to embed the video 
  2. In the left, white, Course Navigation Menu select Panopto Video 

Panopto Video folders 

  • In Panopto, all videos are organized into folders.  
  • The Canvas “Panopto Video” link opens to a folder that automatically stores the videos for the course.  
  • This folder is shared with everyone enrolled in the Canvas course.  
  • To share a video with students enrolled in the class, add it to this folder.  
    • Instructors can create, modify, and share videos.  
    • Students only have search and view access 

Note: Most Panopto features are available inside the Canvas via “Panopto Video” link, however you can open Panopto in its own browser tab by clicking the arrow icon in the upper right corner.  Full tab view makes it easier to manage videos across multiple course folders 

Outcome: Your course has been connected to Panopto. 

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