Updating your location in the RedSky MyE911 app


Ensuring your current physical address is up to date in the MyE911 app is critical for first responders to locate you quickly and accurately in the event of an emergency. If the MyE911 app does not recognize your current location, it will automatically open a browser window and prompt you to enter your address.


PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet


  • If you are off campus:

    1. Select the Add Location and Set as Current button

    2. Populate all fields that appear in the popup window

    3. Select the Add and Set as Current Location button to save

  • If you are on campus:

    1. Search for your building under Let's find you 

    2. Select the building and floor of your location


Outcome: You should now be able to update your location in the RedSky MyE911 app.

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