Troubleshooting Solutions and Known Issues in Blackboard


You should review these troubleshooting steps when experiencing issues with Blackboard.


Mac, PC, and mobile app

General troubleshooting solutions

  • Use a certified Web browser: Most technical problems inside a Blackboard course are due to issues with the browser. For the smoothest experience, we recommend using the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

    • If you encounter an issue while using one of these two browsers, switch to the other and attempt the problematic task again. In most cases, you'll find you are able to proceed without further issue.

  • Clear your browser's cache, cookies, and history: Clearing your web browser's cache is a simple and effective fix for problems of all sorts. For the best chance of success, include cached images and files, cookies, and browsing history, and select the "All Time" or "Everything" time range.

  • Close all tabs of your browser and quit the browser: If you are running many tabs, especially logged in to Blackboard from separate tabs, this can be difficult for a browser to handle. Please note simply exiting the browser completely is not sufficient, as when you reopen the browser, even after a restart, most browsers intentionally save your tabs to reopen them. Close all tabs and exit the browser for this to be a useful troubleshooting step.

  • Check your internet speed: You need a download speed of at least 1.5 Mbps. If you are using a satellite internet provider, you may experience timeouts, IP address issues, session problems, or course mail issues caused by latency.

  • Enable cookies from third parties: Depending on which browser you are using, find the option for “cookies” under Tools/Options or Preferences. This will be especially important for third-party content, like SafeAssign and YouTube.

  • Disable (turn off) pop-up blockers: Blackboard needs pop-up windows to run properly; threaded discussions, download links, and other tools rely on pop-ups to function.

  • Make sure you have the required plug-ins: Third-party plug-ins may be required to view certain content within your course. If these applications are needed, a notification and link should pop-up with a prompt to install a new plug-in.

  • Use Microsoft 365: Microsoft Word is required to compose documents for assignments in Blackboard Learn. Microsoft 365 is available at no cost to currently-enrolled students and current-term instructors of record.  Visit OIT's Microsoft 365 service page for full eligibility and access details. Blackboard Learn does not support Google Docs or OpenOffice.

  • Use Blackboard’s online support features:

  • Understand technical requirements: To access classes and complete coursework using the core features of Blackboard Learn, your system must meet minimum requirements. Please note you must have Administrator access to your computer to install programs and use Blackboard Learn.

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