Downloading Course Content for Offline Viewing


Canvas course content can be downloaded to your device as an HTML file. This is helpful for when you know that you will be without internet access but still want to access the information in your Canvas course. 


Canvas in your web browser or the Canvas Student app


  • Currently HTML files can only be generated in the browser version of Canvas and are only supported on a desktop computer. 

  • Content items locked by modules or by date are not included in offline content and show that the content is not available. 

  • Offline downloads include all content from the course at the time of the download. You will need to download the course each time you want to view updated course content. 

  • HTML offline content is for offline viewing only. 

    • You cannot interact with course content directly, such as completing an assignment or viewing any submissions. 

    • You can view assignment details, availability dates, and point values. 

    • Discussions and quizzes only include the description. All discussion replies must be viewed online. 

    • You can view any embedded media files in the HTML file. If a link can only be accessed online, the link includes an external icon identifying the content as online only. 


Outcome: ​​​Your unlocked course content should now be downloaded to your device as an HTML file for your review.  

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