Enrolling in Azure Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) protects you against lost or stolen passwords by adding a verification step to your OHIO login with the Microsoft Authentication App (Azure). In order to utilize MFA, you must first enroll. The enrollment process takes approximately five minutes and requires both a computer and a mobile device.

Already enrolled? Learn how to reactivate a device after a reset or replacement


PC, Mac, mobile device


Step 1 (On your mobile device)

  • Download Microsoft Authenticator Mobile App on your mobile device. Keep this window open.

    • Open the app store on your device (Apple or Android). 

    • Search for the “Microsoft Authenticator App.” 

    • Download and open the authenticator app.

      A blue padlock. The keyhole is white and looks like the head and shoulders of a person

  • If you do not have a smart phone, skip to step 2 and choose a text or phone call as your authentication method.

Step 2 (On your computer)

  • Enroll in Azure MFA using the Azure Multifactor Authentication Opt-In Form. Make sure to save any work in progress prior to enrolling.

  • Select Submit to begin using Azure MFA. You may need to wait a few minutes for the change to take effect. 

  • You will see a confirmation screen and be directed to move on to Step 3.

Step 3 (On your computer)

  • Log into myaccount.microsoft.com using your OHIO email address. 

  • If prompted, approve the authentication request from Duo Mobile.

  • The following prompt will appear on your screen: A popup notification reading: More information required. Your organization needs more information to keep your account secure. There are links to use a different account, learn more, or to select next.

  • When prompted to use the “app,” refer to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device.

  • If you have any difficulties at this point, please contact the IT Service Desk.

  • Based on the enrollment notification method you select you will receive either:  

    • A text message with a code (When prompted, type the code on your computer.) OR

    • A phone call (When prompted, press the pound key (#) to finish your verification.) 

  • Continue to follow the on-screen prompts to continue your enrollment. 

  • Select Done to complete the enrollment process.  

Step 4 (On your computer)

  • You will be required to verify your login using your mobile device in the future.   

  • You can choose to limit verification requests by selecting “Don’t ask again for 30 days.”

  • We recommend adding an additional authentication method in case you are unable to authenticate using your preferred method:

    • Log into myaccount.microsoft.com with your full @ohio.edu email address and OHIO password. 

    • Under Security info, select Update Info >.

    • Select Add method.

    • Select the authentication method you wish to add. The Authenticator app is the preferred method. The app will send push notifications to your mobile device, which is the fastest and most secure form of authentication. A dropdown menu with the following options: Authenticator app, Phone, Alternate phone, Email, Office phone

    • Follow the prompts to complete the enrollment process for your new device.
      • Note: If using a smart watch, turn off App Lock on the Authenticator app. Select the three dots in the upper right corner, then select Settings, then turn off App Lock: App lock is shown disabled, with a red circle around the menu option

Step 5 (Optional)


Outcome: You should now be able to enroll in Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. 

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