Uploading Blackboard Original Tests, Surveys, Pools, and Rubrics to Canvas


Blackboard Original course content can be uploaded to Canvas via Blackboard export file. Export files can contain the contents of an entire course or select files. This article describes how to create an export file specifically for tests, surveys, pools, and rubrics and how to upload them to Canvas.


Blackboard and Canvas Learning Management Systems


Note: If uploading rubrics, you will need to first update any rubrics based on percentages to” Points” or “Point Range”. See updating rubric values below for instructions

Blackboard Original

  1. Log into blackboard.ohio.edu

  2. In the left Global Navigation menu, select Courses

  3. Select the course that contains the content that you want to import to Canvas

    1. Blackboard Original courses include “Original Course View” in the second line of the title

  4. On the left Course navigation menu, under Course Management, expand the Control Panel

  5. Select Packages and Utilities >

  6. Select Export/Archive Course

  7.  On the Export/Archive Course page, select Export Package

  8. Under File Attachments, determine how you would like to copy links for both Course Files Default Directory and Files Outside of the Course Default Directory

    1. We recommend selecting Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory

  1. Under Package Size, select Calculate Size to determine the resulting file size to be imported into Canvas

Note: There is a maximum course size limit of 2GB (2000MB) in Canvas. 

  1. Under Select Course Materials, select Rubrics and Tests, Surveys, and Pools

  2. Select Submit at the bottom of the page. 

  3. You will receive a confirmation message on the next screen indicating “Success: This action has been queued. An email will be sent when the process is completed.”

  • You will also receive an email from "bbsupport@ohio.edu" when the file is ready.

  1. Select Refresh to view the newly created export package.

  2. Select the file link to download a copy of the course export file to your computer. 

  3. See Uploading your course file to Canvas below to complete your course migration.

Updating rubric values

  1. In Blackboard, select the desired course

  2. On the left Global Navigation menu, under Course Management, expand the Control Panel.

  3. Select Course Tools > Rubrics

  4. Hover over the desired rubric and select the drop-down menu

  5. Select Copy to make a copy of the rubric

  6. Select the drop-down menu on the copy

  7. Select Edit

  8. Under Rubric Detail, next to Rubric Type, select the drop-down menu and select Points or Point Range

  • You can edit the point values in Blackboard or after uploading the rubric to Canvas

  1. Select Submit

Uploading your course file to Canvas

  1. Log into canvas.ohio.edu

  2. In the green, left Global Navigation Menu, select Courses

  3. Select the course where you would like to add the Blackboard course content

  4. On the right side of the page, under Course Status, select Import Existing Content

  5. Next to Content Type, select Blackboard 6,7,8,9, or Ultra export .zip file

  6. Next to Source, select Choose File to browse your computer and locate your saved Blackboard export file

  7. Next to Content, select All content 

  8. Select Import  

Note: There is a maximum course size limit of 2GB (2000MB) in Canvas. If your import fails due to this size limit, you will need to re-export content from your Blackboard course in smaller pieces and then import each of those into your Canvas course.  

  1. Under Current Job, the progress bar will indicate the status of your import

    • Canvas will notify you of any issues or errors with the import process.

    • Click on the link to view the issues in greater detail.

Outcome: Your course rubrics, tests, surveys, and pools have now been uploaded to Canvas. You can arrange, create, modify, or delete content as needed. 

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