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All help and resource articles for Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

Getting Started with Canvas (Instructors)

This article provides a comprehensive guide to getting started with Canvas, including requesting a test course, navigation, content migration, and support resources.

Accessing the Canvas Training Services Portal

The Training Services Portal can be accessed from within Canvas and is home to a diverse range of training resources to assist instructors.

Adding and Removing TAs, Instructors, and Other Users in a Canvas Course

Instructors can manually add and remove teaching assistants (TAs), co-instructors, and other users for Canvas courses.

Adding Assignment Groups in Canvas

Instructors can use Assignment Groups to organize the assignments in their course. When Assignment Groups are set up, you can weight the final course grade by assignment groups and filter by assignment groups in the Gradebook.

Adding Inline Content to Canvas Courses

Canvas allows instructors to display their course content "inline", which enables students to view, minimize, or download content without leaving the Canvas page or being pushed to download external files. Documents, images, and media files can all be added inline to Canvas courses.

Applying the OHIO Canvas Course Templates

Instructors can apply custom OHIO course templates to their Canvas courses. Utilizing templates establishes a consistent course structure experience for students.

Controlling Student Visibility in your Canvas Course

Learn how to configure student access to your course content through Publication status, Term Dates, and Course Participation Settings.

Copying Course Content Between Canvas Courses Using the Course Import Tool

Instructors can use the Course Import tool in Canvas to transfer content between courses, and additional steps are required to ensure third-party integrations function properly.

Creating a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection tool. Instructors can create Turnitin assignments within Canvas.

Embedding Panopto Videos in a Canvas Course

This article provides instructions on how to embed Panopto videos to your Canvas course.

Importing a Full Course to Canvas from Blackboard

This article describes how to move all content in a Blackboard course or organization to Canvas via an export file.

Merging Courses in Canvas (Cross-Listing)

Instructors can merge multiple courses into one Canvas course.

Moving Course Content from Blackboard to Canvas

There are several options available to instructors for adding Blackboard content to Canvas.

Organizing your Canvas Dashboard

Students and instructors can organize their Canvas course Dashboard and change display settings on individual course cards.

Requesting a Manually Created (Test) Course

Manually created courses are spaces where instructors can build content intended to be replicated across multiple courses in the future, explore Canvas features and test course content, or create Blackboard-like organizations.

Requesting Access to the Growing with Canvas Instructor Course

Instructors can submit a ticket to request access to the Growing with Canvas instructor course.

Sharing Panopto Content Between Blackboard and Canvas

This article outlines the steps to make Panopto videos located in Blackboard available in Canvas.

Syncing the Canvas Calendar with your Outlook Calendar

Students and instructors can sync their Canvas calendar with their Outlook (Catmail) calendar. This allows Canvas events and assignments to appear in their Outlook calendar.

Uploading Blackboard Original Tests, Surveys, Pools, and Rubrics to Canvas

This article describes how to download Blackboard Original tests, rubrics, surveys, and pools and upload them to Canvas.

Uploading Files to Canvas from Blackboard, OneDrive, or your Device

This article provides instructions for adding images, documents, and videos to Canvas.

Using Grade Weighting in Canvas

Instructors can weight final grades in Canvas based on assignment groups. Within each assignment group, a percentage is calculated by dividing the total points a student has earned by the total points possible for all assignments in that group.

Using SCORM in Canvas

Instructors can download SCORM content from Blackboard and upload SCORM to Canvas.

Using SpeedGrader to Grade a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas

This article details how to use SpeedGrader to grade assignments submitted to Canvas via Turnitin.

Using Third-Party Integrations in Canvas (Publisher Content and Add-on Tools)

This article provides installation instructions, support instructions, and updates on tools that have integrations with Canvas (publisher content and third-party integrations).

Viewing Student Information After Their Course Access Concludes

In Canvas, concluded student enrollments cause some student information to be hidden. Learn how to view student information, such as grades, after grades are due for the semester.