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Most Blackboard SCORM content packages can be saved to your device and uploaded to your Canvas course. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) ensures that online learning content, such as courses and modules, can be easily shared and integrated across different Learning Management Systems (LMS). This article describes the process for transferring SCORM packages from Blackboard to Canvas.


  • Publisher provided SCORM packages will work in Canvas if they are still hosted online by the publisher. 
  • Older SCORM content that requires Flash Player will not function since Flash was disabled in 2020. 
  • SCORM packages larger than 500MB cannot be uploaded to Canvas.
  • If your SCORM package currently works in Blackboard, it will work in Canvas.  


Blackboard and Canvas Learning Management Systems


Downloading SCORM from Blackboard

Blackboard Original

Note: SCORM packages are not included in the list of Course Files, so a course export is required for SCORM content to be extracted from later.

  1. Log into
  2. On the left Global Navigation menu, select Courses
  3. Select the course that contains the desired SCORM package
  4. On the left Course Navigation menu, under Course Management, expand the Control Panel
  5. Select Packages and Utilities
  6. Select Export/Archive Course
  7. On the Export/Archive Course page, select Export Package
  8. Under File Attachments, select Copy link and include copies…for both Course Files Default Directory and Files Outside of the Course Default Directory  
  9. Under Select Course Materials, select Select All
  10. At the bottom of the page, select Submit
  11. You will receive a confirmation message on the next screen indicating “Success: This action has been queued. An email will be sent when the process is completed.”
  12. Select Refresh to view the newly created export package.
  13. Select the file link to download a copy of the course export file to your computer.
  14. Continue by reading Uploading your SCORM package to Canvas below

Blackboard Ultra

  1. Log into
  2. In the left Global Navigation menu, select Courses
  3. Select the course that you would like to import to Canvas
  4. On the Course Content header, select the ellipses (three-dot menu)

Screen grab of the Canvas 3-dot menu

  1. Select, Export Course Package
  2. Select the arrow icon to the right of Course Export Packages

 Screenshot of Canvas Export Package pop up with the arrow icon outlined in red

  1. Select No if asked to Include student activity data in your export.
  2. The export process will now begin. The export progress is indicated on the right of the screen
  3. You will also receive an email from "" when the file is ready.
  4. Select No when asked to “Include student activity data in your export?” 
  5. Select the ExportFile link to download a copy of the course export file to your computer.
  6. Continue by reading Uploading your SCORM package to Canvas below

Uploading your SCORM Package to Canvas

  1. Access the Blackboard ExportFile on your device
    • This can usually be found in your Downloads folder
  2. Unzip or extract the downloaded .zip file 
  3. Open the unzipped folder 
    • The unzipped folder has the same name as the zipped folder without the “.zip” file extension in the name

Screen shot of Windows File Explorer with two files files labeled "ExportFile"

  1. SCORM packages will be inside of individual folders labeled “resXXXX” (ie. res0041, res0037) 

Screen shot of Windows File Explorer with multiple "resXXXX" file names outlined in red

Note: You will need to open each “resXXXX” folder to check for SCORM content

  • Each “resXXXX” folder contains a single SCORM package 
  • “resXXXX” folders may contain content other than SCORM
  • Some SCORM content (e.g., Rise) is an additional sub-folder labeled “scormcontent” 
  1. You will need to verify the SCORM content in the “resXXXX” folder
    • Inside the “resXXXX” folder or “scormcontent” folder locate and open the following files to view the project in your web browser:
      • index.html or
      • story.html  

Note: There are similarly named files. Only select the exact file names above. 

Screen shot of a file list with the "story.html" file outlined in red

  1. After viewing the SCORM content, rename the “resXXXX” folder with a name that helps you identify the content within the folder
    • For example, “BIOS1000Week1Lecture”
  2. Zip the renamed file
  3. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each “resXXXX” folder that contains index.html or story.html files
  4. Log into Canvas and navigate to course where you want to upload SCORM content 
  5. Select SCORM from the left Course Navigation Menu

Screen shot of the "SCORM" outlined in red on the Canvas Course Navigation Menu

  • If “SCORM” is not visible,
  1. In the left Course Navigation Menu, select Settings 
  2. At the top of the page, select Navigation
  3. Under Drag items here to hide them from students, find “SCORM” and select the vertical ellipses
  4. Select +Enable
  5. At the bottom of the Select Save 
  6. Select SCORM from the left Course Navigation Menu
  7. In upper right corner, select Upload
  8. Browse to find and select the newly created and renamed .zip file(s) 
    • You can select multiple .zip files to upload simultaneously 
  9. On the SCORM page, select Choose import type… for each file to determine how the file will be imported.  
    • Import as graded assignment
    • Import as ungraded assignment
    • Import as a page


  • SCORM content can be uploaded to Canvas as a page or as a graded or ungraded assignment.
  • When importing SCORM as an assignment in Canvas, you will decide if it will be graded or ungraded. Once selected, this choice cannot be changed unless you delete and reupload the SCORM content.
  • To determine the settings for grading or the number of attempts, refer to the assignment settings in Blackboard before uploading to Canvas.
  1. Next to each uploaded SCORM file, select Go 
  2. Select the eye icon next to each file to verify that the content uploaded successfully.

Screen shot of Canvas "Student View" icons outlined in red

Note: After upload, SCORM content is not immediately visible to students. SCORM files will be located in the SCORM section of Canvas and must be added to modules or pages for students to view. See Making SCORM content visible to students below.

Making SCORM content visible to students

  1. Navigate to the Canvas module where you want to add the SCORM content
  2. One the module, select the “+

Screen shot of Canvas' "add" icon outlined in red

  1. Use the drop-down menu to select the item type, based on how you created the SCORM file you plan to add. Select either:
    • Assignment
    • Page

Screenshot of Canvas SCORM upload options with "Assignment" and "Page" outlined in red

  1. Under Select the page… or Select the assignment…, select the SCORM desired SCORM file
  2. Select Add Item
  3. Select the publish icon on the SCORM file

Screen shot of Canvas SCORM link with "Publish" outlined in red

  1. Verify the uploaded SCORM package functions as intended
    1. In the upper right corner, select Student View
    2. Select the SCORM content from the link on the page

Outcome: Your Blackboard SCORM content will now be uploaded to Canvas.

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