Exporting Grades in Canvas (Instructors)


Instructors can export scores from the Canvas Gradebook and download them to their device as a .csv file.  

The Export Gradebook feature is a helpful option for instructors wanting to enhance grade data in ways not easily accomplished using the Canvas Gradebook. Instructors may use the Export Gradebook function to: 

  • grade offline 

  • archive a version of the gradebook 

  • prepare final grades for import to the Faculty and Advising Center 

After downloading scores from the Gradebook, the instructor can open and edit the download using Microsoft Excel. Once editing is complete, the file can then be uploaded back into the Canvas Gradebook, or combined with a .csv file from the Faculty and Advising Center to upload student grades at the end of the semester. The Canvas Instructor Guide has information about how to import grades from the .csv file into the Canvas gradebook.  

Please note that deleting columns could result in the loss of student grades. After importing your .csv you will have the opportunity to review your changes before adding them to the Canvas gradebook. Be sure to carefully review all changes before finalizing the import process.  


Canvas in your web browser 

Microsoft Excel 


  1. Log in to Canvas at canvas.ohio.edu  

  1. Via the Courses tab on the left global navigation menu, navigate to the course you would like to export grades from 

  1. Navigate to the Grades from the course navigation menu 

  1. Select Export  

  1. Select either Export Current Gradebook View or Export Entire Gradebook depending on your needs 

  • Note: If you have applied filters to your gradebook, Export Current Gradebook View will only export the data you are currently viewing. Export Entire Gradebook will export all the data available in the gradebook.  

  1. Navigate to the downloads area of your device to open the .csv file generated by Canvas. 

Outcome: You have downloaded your Canvas Gradebook to your device as a .csv file and can make changes to the file using Microsoft Excel. 

Prepare Gradebook for Import to Ohio University Online Grading System 

The Faculty and Advising Center, the website used to add students' final grades for the semester, has the option to export a .csv file of an instructor's class list. This .csv file can be combined with the letter grades column from the Canvas .csv file to allow instructors to upload their grades from one file rather than entering grades manually. This can be a good option for instructors teaching classes with many students.  

*Note: See the Entering/Importing Grades with Stop Dates video from the Registrar’s How To and FAQ website to see a video with directions for importing grades into the Faculty and Advising Center. 

  1. The exported .csv file from the Faculty and Advising Center has all required fields to upload grades.  

  1. Note: Required fields to upload grades to the Faculty and Advising Center are: Subject, Catalog Number, Section Number, PID, Grade, and WP/WF/FS Stop Date (dates must be in "MM/DD/YYYY" format). Additional columns are permitted.  

  1. Copy the appropriate final grades from the Canvas .csv file to the Grades column in the Faculty and Advising Center .csv file.  

  1. Where appropriate, add information in the WP/WF/FS Stop Date column for students who stopped attending the class. For those students there should be a WP/WF/FS grade entered in the grade column and the date entered in the column should be in the format MM/DD/YYYY. This is the date the student last attended or last submitted work for the class. 

Outcome: You can upload final grades into the Ohio University Online Grading System using your .csv files. 

Get help from Canvas 

  • Live chat with Canvas support (Faculty)  

  • Get 24-hours/7-days a week Canvas support   

    • Dial the Canvas Support Hotline number located under "Get Help" in the Canvas Global Navigation Menu  

    • Contact OIT at 740-593-1222 for questions related to logging in, test courses/manually created courses, or third-party tools (Panopto, VoiceThread, Inclusive Access, etc.) 

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