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Getting Started Overview

We've compiled a carefully curated list of links to assist in helping you get started. Review the list below and explore additional topics using the Canvas Student Guide

Login to to access your Canvas courses.

Note: There is a green Global Navigation Menu to access Canvas tools and a white Course Navigation Menu to access content and tools specific to your course. 

Access your profile and user settings to add a profile picture, set your preferred name, update your pronouns and more. You can also download the Canvas student mobile app for access on the go. 

If you need additional help: 

  • Live chat with Canvas support (Students) 
  • Call Canvas for 24-hour/7-days a week support 
    • Dial OIT at 740-593-1222
    • Contact Canvas Support directly by dialing the Canvas Support Hotline number, located in Canvas under "Get Help" in the Global Navigation Menu. 
  • Watch the Getting Help in Canvas short video to understand the various ways students can quickly get Canvas help

Accessing Canvas 

Finding your Courses

Over the next several semesters, Canvas will be replacing Blackboard as OHIO's preferred learning management system (LMS). To foster a positive student experience, colleges are transitioning to Canvas in phases. You may have some courses using Blackboard, while other courses use Canvas or a different technology. 

To find where your courses will be taught: 

  1. Log in to Canvas at Look for your courses on your Dashboard page or in the "Courses" tab in the left navigation menu.

  2. If you do not see your course, log in to Blackboard at Navigate to your "Courses" tab in the left navigation menu. Blackboard will populate every course you’re currently enrolled in but the courses will appear locked until your instructor makes them available to you.  

    1. If the courses are locked, select “More Info” to see if your instructor provided additional information about which tools your course will be using. 

    2. If the courses are open, you’ll likely be using Blackboard. 

    • Tip: Both Canvas and Blackboard can be accessed via the Go OHIO app

  3. If you’re unsure which platform your course will use, please email your instructor. They can tell you where the course is being taught and when it will become available.  






Submitted assignments, grades, and feedback 

Course Navigation 


Global Navigation 

Mobile Apps 

The Canvas mobile app provides access to Canvas on the go. Depending on your device, not all Canvas features may be available on the app at this time. View Canvas Student mobile features by version and device. 



Passport to Canvas 

Profile and User Settings 

Rich Content Editor 

Get Help from Canvas

  • Live chat with Canvas support (Students)
  •  Get 24-hours/7-days a week Canvas support
    • Dial the Canvas Support Hotline number located under "Get Help" in the Canvas Global Navigation Menu
  • Contact OIT at 740-593-1222 for questions related to logging in, manually created courses, or third-party tools (Panopto, VoiceThread, Inclusive Access, etc.)

Get Help from OIT

Additional Resources

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