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Custom Web Addresses & Redirects

Allow users to find content on their websites more easily by using easy-to-remember URL paths or by redirecting users from one page to another when the page moves. This includes Vanity URLs and Redirects.

Domain Names

Domain name registration and Domain Name System (DNS) management for websites which are not part of the primary domain. This includes new domain names and the transfer of domain names previously purchased through another registrar.

OHIO Website Analytics: Google Analytics

Provides detailed measurements of web page traffic and visitor behavior. All University web pages created in Web CMS come with Web Analytics tracking code built into their templates.

OHIO Website Search: Funnelback

Allows users to find content on websites hosted as part of the Web CMS service offering.

Personal Websites

Allows faculty and staff to create a personal website with an domain for the purposes of sharing professional work, research, course materials, publications or related materials pertaining to the activities of Ohio University.

SSL Certificates

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates for the purposes of encrypting traffic to and from servers on domain names which are owned by the University and managed by OIT such as Certificates can be issued for both production and test environments.

Web CMS: Drupal

Provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to author, administer, and manage web pages without requiring the user to have extensive knowledge of web markup and programming languages.