Voicemail allows telephone callers to leave a voice message for the number they called when the owner is unavailable to answer the call.

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Pinned Article Help & Resources: Voicemail

Learn how to manage your voicemail, your voicemail using WebInbox, setup email and text notifications, and setup your voicemail by Cisco phone type

Accessing voicemail

Learn how to access your voicemail from your office phone, a colleague's office phone, off-campus, and using WebInbox.

Referencing the Unified Communications Self Care Portal Quick Guide

Learn how to manage your phone with Cisco Unified communications by using call forwarding and modifying your settings.

Setting up email and SMS voicemail notifications

Follow directions to setup voicemail notifications for email or text message (SMS). In addition, locate common email-to-SMS addresses for common cell phone carriers.

Setting up voicemail for web

Learn how to manage your voicemail from a web browser, including managing various controls and viewing deleted and sent items.

Setting up voicemail with Unity Connection phone interface

This article has directions to setup and manage voicemail with the Unity Connection phone interface and view the main menu of commands. There is some additional information to use Cisco Unity Connection for the web as well.